The Driving Theory Workshop

Do you want to pass your driving theory test first time? Have you took a theory test already and failed? Well then the Driving Theory Workshop is for you

"Best way to revise for me before the workshop I was getting 15 out of 50 and today thanks to the workshop I got 44 out of 50 what an improvement" - Matthew

"This was fantastic help to me!! i got 47 out of 50 by using this and im dyslexic so if i can do it anyone can! would recommend this to anybody its worth the money" - Shannon
"Passed 1st time. Wouldn't of done it with this workshop thank you Chris would recommend to any learner" - Diane
"Excellent workshop! Helped me a lot with studying for my test, passed first time" - Beatriz

"Big thanks to Chris for this! Passed first time with 49/50 after my theory workshop" - Lydia

A step by step interactive training course developed and presented by a fully qualified DVSA approved driving instructor. This course will guide you through the sections with videos, audio, quizzes and text to help you gain the valuable knowledge to pass your driving theory test. As part of the course you also get FREE:



- HIGHWAY CODE (worth £2.50)

As well as much more content including key areas of difficulty and how to score highly on hazard perception etc

We are so confident in our course that we offer a PASS GUARANTEE

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Course Curriculum

What to Expect
Theory Test Explained
Driving at Night - Why is it more difficult?
What is Aquaplaning?
What is ABS?
When do I need to use my Fog Lights?
How do you deal with hump back bridges?
Overtaking large vehicles
What is ESC?
What is the Minimum Tyre Tread Depth?
What Colour are the Reflective Studs on the Motorway?
Pedestrian Crossings Explained
What documents do I need to tax my vehicle?
Road Signs - Bitesize Tip Videos
Top 5 Reasons People Fail Their Theory Test
Hazard Perception: Common Hazards & Categories
Hazard Perception Top Tips
Practice your Theory
Highway Code Book
Know Your Traffic Signs Book

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What's included?

13 Videos
12 Quizzes
19 Texts
18 PDFs
12 Audios
Chris London
Chris London
The Driving Theory Workshop

About the instructor

A fully qualified DVSA approved driving instructor and owner of two successful driving schools. Chris has taught hundreds of people to learn to drive and delivered many theory courses to private classes and colleges

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