Want to pass your practical driving test first time?

Our Practical Driving Workshop offers you a whole host of insights, tips, tools and tricks to pass your test whilst feeling calm and confident – we’ve already helped over 12,000 people pass their theory test, so why not join us in smashing the stats?

Our Practical Edition Driving Workshop is for you if:

  • You're on your learning journey and want to pass first time
  • You want to speed up your learning saving time and money in the long run
  • You’ve already failed and your nerves got the better of you
  • You’re looking for a course that focuses on the driving practical test and has a wide range of tools to choose from
  • You want an interactive workshop, plus extra guidance and support

Welcome to the Practical Edition Driving Workshop

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A high quality, comprehensive workshop

Our interactive workshop has been specially designed by the hugely helpful Chris London and Sabrina Francis.

Chris is a fully qualified DVSA approved driving instructor, owner of two successful driving schools and owner of the Driving Theory Workshop online course. As a highly experienced instructor, Chris knows exactly what’s required to pass your driving test – and he’s helped hundreds of people succeed to date and has helped over 11,500 people pass their theory tests through the Driving Theory Workshop online theory tuition course

Sabrina is a qualified mindset and leadership coach who helps people to break through their fears, and get the confidence to lead the life they love. With her unique background, Sabrina knows the top tools and tricks that have helped the most decorated athletes in Great Britain to perform at their best under pressure.

The Practical Edition Driving Workshop is a step by step interactive training course that guides you through sections with videos and practical activities to help you gain superhuman knowledge and skills to pass your practical driving test, and enjoy the process.

The course is broken down into the following sections:

Understanding the mind under pressure

Creating the best conditions for learning

Tools to prepare mentally and physically for the test

What you need on the day

What happens after the test

As well as the core aspects of the practical driving test, the workshop pays extra attention to the most difficult areas. These include what tends to trip up people when they are under pressure and the tools you can use to handle it. (You can find the full curriculum listed below).

Giving you added value

On top of the insightful information and activities you’ll receive in this workshop, we’ll also give you a 20% discount on our Driving Theory Workshop (valid for 3 months). As well as 20% discount on any mindset coaching that you book with Sabrina (also valid for 3 months).

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Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    What's Going on Inside my Head

    • How Your Mind Works

    • Driving Test Hijacks: Tales of Monkey Minds

    • What Are Your Monkey Mind’s Needs?

    • Monkey Mind Profiling Activity

    • Anxiety. Are You An Anxiety/Adrenaline Junky?

    • I Think I’m Having Panic Attacks. What Should I do?

    • Your Anxiety. What Can You Notice?

    • Confidence. How Do You Set Yours?

    • Negative vs Positive Thinking

    • What's Your Default? - Take the Questionnaire

  • 3

    Supporting Your Learning

    • Take the VARK Questionnaire

    • How to Get the Best Out of the Learning Environment [and Your Driving Instructor]

    • Getting the Best out of Your Learning

    • How Often Should I Have Driving Lessons? Design Your Learning Programme

    • Getting Supervision For Your Driving

    • When am I Test Ready? Six Steps to Know When You’ve Got This

    • A Commentary Drive

    • Have You Got the Guts? Fuel Your Engine for Learning

  • 4

    Final Preparations

    • What Should I Eat Before my Test? Fuel Your Engine for Performance

    • How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

    • Before the Test and Your Documents

  • 5

    Your Toolbox

    • How to Be Your Own Hero: Create Your Alter Ego

    • Mental Rehearsal: Visualisation Techniques to Help You Pass Your Driving Test

    • Get into the Habit of Feeling Confident and Calm - Unleash the Power Pose

    • Get Perspective. The Worst and Best Case Scenario

    • A Mindfulness Practice To Calm a Monkey Mind - The Body Scan

    • A Relaxation Practice to Feel Calm, Confident and Capable For Your Test

    • A Quick Fix To Free Your Mind - Mindful Belly Breathing

    • A Quick Fix When Feeling Anxious - The 5-4-3-2-1 Technique

    • Warming Up Your Super Computer to Stay in Full Flow

    • Sounds of Success. What’s Your Power Playlist?

  • 6

    Test Day

    • What Happens During the Test

    • How the Test is Scored

    • Test Marking Sheet Explained

    • Top 10 Reasons People Fail

    • Mock Test Videos

  • 7

    After the Test

    • What Happens After the Test

    • I Failed My Driving Test. How Do I Move On?

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